One Night Stand

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Your best bet on passing the report is to actually read the book. There’s nothing like the frantic feeling of uncertainty that can only come from not reading an important book in order to do a report--except perhaps the feeling one gets when being thrown into a pit of wild bears.

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If you are 100% certain that actually reading the book is a bad idea, then go to a website dedicated to the author and his or her works, these are usually chock-full of facts about the book in question. If you can't find a site then Google or check Wikipedia. 3

Choose a book you know one of your friends is reading and ask the friend who read it to tell you about it. 4
Don’t tell them that you didn’t read the book, just pretend that you are wondering how they liked it, or say that you didn’t understand one part. Then, hopefully, they will inform you of what they know in a boastful manner. 5

Take advantage of this to drill them for further information. 6
Skim through the book and try to read at least a little of each chapter. The back cover or inside of the book jacket usually has the basic plot line and the names of the main characters. When you know the plot, try to look for the climax of the book. It should be closer to the end of the novel, although this is not always the case. 7

Now write your heart out! To see more on how to actually write the report see How to Write a Book Report.

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