One Country, Two Systems

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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One Country, Two Systems
One Country, Two Systems is a concept proposed in 1981 by Ye Jianying, one of the ten Founding Marshals of China. Then formally put forward by Deng Xiaoping, the former leader of China, in January 1982 in order to reunify the country. However, this concept was aimed to reunify Taiwan, not to reunify Hong Kong or macaw. One country, two systems means there is only one China, but the regions of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan could retain their original economic and political systems while mainland China keep pursuing socialism, after they reunified with mainland. This arrangement has been implementing since China resumed sovereignty over Hong Kong and Macao in 1997 and 1999 respectively. We call these two provinces as Special Administrative Regions of China, and they have high degrees of autonomy and independence. Actually, the idea or concept is not the first time to be conceived; it can be traced back to 10th century AD. The Emperor Taizu of Liao reunion all the tribe of Khitan; and in ordered to keep the tribes fit the convention, he established northern Bureaucracy System and Southern Bureaucracy System. This is the earliest One country, two system in the would. Now One Country, Two Systems is implementing on Hong Kong and Macaw for years, and some people say that when Hong Kong and Macaw run pretty well after returned to China; however, some other people say that mainland drags Hong Kong and Macaw down in certain aspects. People who like One Country, Two Systems state that China fulfilled the promise to give Hong Kong and Macaw enough autonomy and independency, to not interfere their policy and economy, and to let them run by their own way. Other wise, people do not like One Country, Two System claim that Hong Kong has certain extent decrease on economy; also the unemployment rate is increased in recent years. Let’s only talk about Hong Kong. I would say the One Country, Two Systems policy is a...
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