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OLX is an internet
company based in New
York City and Buenos
Aires, Argentina. The OLX
website hosts free user-
generated classified
advertisements for urban
communities around the
world and provides
discussion forums sorted
by various topics.
OLX gained prominence
upon announcing a
partnership with
Friendster , the social
networking website. The
story was covered by
dozens of media
publications, including
the New York Times, [1]
and was a topic of
debate among bloggers.
The company was co-
founded in March 2006
by Internet
entrepreneurs Fabrice
Grinda and Alec
Oxenford. OLX
considered itself the next
generation of free online
OLX's objective was to
provide a simple solution
to the complexities
involved in selling,
buying, trading,
discussing, organizing,
and meeting people near
you, wherever you may
The OLX website allows
you to:
Design rich ads and
personalise them with
pictures and videos
Control your selling,
buying, and community
activity in My OLX
Display your ads on
your social networking
profile (Facebook,
Myspace, ...)
Access the site from
your mobile phone
OLX is used in over 96
countries in 40
languages. The company
was founded in March
2006 and is privately
Geographic scope
As of January 2011, OLX
is available in 96
countries and 45
languages. [2]
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Media Coverage &
In August 2009, OLX was
named a good
competitor to Craigslist
in the United States by
TechCrunch .[3]
In December 2009, OLX
Inc. was named a rival to
Craigslist by
BusinessWeek .[4]
In December 2009, OLX's
Co-CEO, Fabrice Grinda
appeared on Le Web
Paris 2009. [5]
In January 2010, OLX was
named one of New York
City's 10 hottest tech
startups by amNY. [6]
In August 2012 , OLX was
named Finalist in
Lead411's New York City
Hot 125.[7]
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