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1. Executive Summary
Wonderland bakery is located at Kepong Metro Prima. We are introducing wholesome cake and bread to our customer with taking consideration of the good quality ingredients and healthy calories. Our cake and bread will be sold around rm70 and rm3. Our main target is individual who is between 15 until 35 year old where it segmented into student and worker. They typically consist of low range income group who are affordable to purchase our product. There are three direct competitors for our bakery school which are San Terri Cottage, Secret Recipe and Pistachios Bakery around us within 20km. However, our bakery school is able to gain more competitive advantage in order to compete with the competitors. In order to attract more customers patronize into our shop, we will implement some promotion such as provide BUY 5 FREE 1 for senior citizen and student who purchase bread in our shop. Besides that, we also introduce our products to the public by distributing flyer; advertise on local magazine and via Facebook. Our business is funded by the financial contribution of 5 partners which is Law Sin Yi, Gan Kwok Lun, Goh Mei Lin, Lim Qian Hui and Ng Yik Mun and a contribution of RM95,000 from friends and family. Overall, our business shows a positive sales and gross profit in next 3 years.

2.0 Company Description
2.1 The Description of the Business

WonderLand Bakery is a bakery school with a cafe open to public attached to it which located at Kepong Metro Prima and open for business on 01-01-2013. Our bakery shop will make custom cake by referring to the design drawing that customer send to us. Furthermore, customer also can order according to the design in standard catalogue, official website and Facebook Fan Page. Customer can choose different combination of ingredient to reach their desired flavour but maintain healthy style. 2.2 Mission

To provide all age group of customer with quality cake that is irresistible yet healthy and nutritious with reasonable price, professional and friendly service. 2.3 Objectives
To achieve sales of RM 300,000 for the first year with the profit of and subsequently years increase at least 10% in term of profit. 2.4 Philosophy
The philosophy behind this business is to let the consumer to provide and have their freedom to choose the cake design which will sparkling off the kids interest in bakery design and interests of baking knowledge. 2.5 Market Target

The target potential customer group is office worker and students in Kepong areas.

2.6 Core Strengthen of industry
Our bakery shop made the cake by only using organic ingredient that makes us so unique in cake industry. WonderLand bakery cares not only the taste but also the wholesomeness of cake. Our bakery shop has to create a trend that all people eat healthy even cakes. Our most competitive strengths should be our wholesome cake, quality guarantee bakery class and friendly yet professional services. The three strengths of ours should make us survive even succeed in tight competitive cake industry. 2.7 Legal of ownership

The company will form through partnership. The partners are Gan Kwok Lun, Goh Mei Lin, Law Sin Yi, Lim Qian Hui and Ng Yik Mun with their respective contribution of RM 30,000 of each person and Gan Kwok Lun will contribute RM 40,000 with total up to RM 160,000 and all shareholders will borrow money from friend and family member with total up RM95,000, and the total start-up capital amounting RM255,000. (Refer to appendix 1)

3.0 Industry analysis
3.1 Industry Description
First of all, our industry is still new in Malaysia. We estimated where the business will start to grow when people realize that nutritious cake is a trend for current situation. We build our fame in short time by the aid of advertisement and public event. Besides that, we provide the cake ready-made to serve the customer. Nonetheless, we have some direct competitor like secret recipe, Bisou Cake Shop and San Terri...
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