Oliver Twist

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  • Published : December 19, 2008
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Nineteenth century England brought in its wake not only industrialization but also social degradation. Dickens attacked the social evils of his times such as poor houses, unjust courts, greedy management and the underworld. The Themes in "Oliver Twist" reflect these evils. With the rise in the level of poverty, poor houses run by parishes sprung up all over England to give relief to the poor. However, the conditions prevailing in the work houses were dismal and the management were insensitive to the feelings of the inmates. Instead of alleviating the sufferings of the paupers, they abused their rights as individuals and caused the poor further misery. The theme of the struggle of the unfortunate, in general and Oliver in particular, in a ruthless world in "Oliver Twist" is a reflection of the plight of the inmates of the workhouses. Poverty leading to crime and crime resulting in isolation are the other Themes in the novel. Dickens had the opportunity to observe the residents of...... Industrialization

The paper explains that Charles Dickens authored "Oliver Twist" with the goal of exposing the negative realities of the Industrial Revolution and protesting England's harsh Poor Law of 1834. The paper discusses how Dickens portrays the negative consequences of England's industrial expansion, specifically the exploitation of children.

From the Paper
"On the surface, Charles Dicken's Oliver Twist may appear to be a children's novel about an orphan trying to make it in a world of adults. On a deeper level, however, there is a dark and solemn story of an abandoned and exploited youth in a newly industrialized city. Oliver Twist was written in 1836, directly in the midst of the Industrial Revolution and its vast effects on England's social and economic condition. After the advent of the steam engine, a previous agricultural society quickly turned into a land of factories, with textile mills increasing greatly (Greenblatt 1556)".

This story is about a boy who has to go through many challenges to become happy. The thing is he doesn抰 go the easy way. He goes the right way. This story is about Oliver Twist, an honest half starved orphan in a crazy world of thieves, kind old men and of course a Jew. In a workhouse, a woman who has given birth to thirteen babies only two have survived. Therefore that day Oliver was a miracle baby, also a few minutes later Oliver抯 mom died and Oliver became and orphan. As he cried lustily, you would think if he new he was an orphan he would cry harder. Now our story has a beginning and a long end to go. Oliver for the next 8 to ten months was victim of the system he then became farmed. Where they made children eat less by making there diet different then the normal people in the world. Now he was taken care of bye a woman with experience and new how to take care of children and defiantly took care of herself. Mr. Bumble comes into the scene and take抯 Oliver to the board to see his fate in the future. The board sent him to a work house where they don抰 feed......

Social System That Generates Criminals

Summary:   With the novel "Oliver Twist", Charles Dickens has successfully bring the public's attention to various contemporary social illness, including the underworld life, child labor, and the recruitment of children as criminals.


Poor Social System that Generates Criminals

With the novel "[pic]Oliver Twist", [pic]Charles Dickens has successfully bring the public's attention to various contemporary social illness, including [pic]the underworld life, child labor, and the recruitment of children as criminals. "[pic]Oliver Twist" is notable for its presentation of the poor and criminals as real [pic]people who has to struggle [pic]to survive. This novel also emphasizes the importance of money and the justice system that is not working for the society. One of the most interesting parts for the reader is Charles...
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