Old Testament Survey

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Genesis to Judges

Genesis 3- Creation Tarnished by Sin

1. How accurate was Eve’s understanding of God’s requirements? Eve did not have an accurate understanding of God’s requirement for living in the garden. She didn’t know what God had said. She had some idea, but not the thorough understanding. As a result of not understanding (Gen 3:4-5), she began to doubt God’s word and reason for not wanting her to eat from the tree. She relied on her own judgment rather than God’s to determine what was truly good for her (Gen 3:5-6).

2. Trace the steps of temptation
In order to overcome temptation, we must know and understand God’s word, trust his judgment that it is the right decision for us. The steps of temptation are as follows: (1) God’s word is misrepresented (Gen 3:1), (2) Satin will then deny the word (Gen 3:4), (3) We questions God’s motive (Gen 3:5), (4) Go with what is desirable and sin (Gen 3:6). 3. How did Eve and Adam react when caught?

When Adam and Even you caught they were ashamed of what they’d done (Gen 3:7). They immediately realized that they were naked, they hid from God, because they were afraid (Gen 3:8-10). Adam then blamed Eve for his actions, he did not take responsibility for his action, or how he and Eve disobeyed God’s instructions. Eve blamed it on the serpent, stating that he tricked her. (Gen 3:13)

4. In what sense did the threatened punishment come true?
The threatened punishment came true as follows:
Serpent – cursed to crawl on his belly – snakes continue to crawl on their belly as cursed many years ago. (Gen 3:14) •Woman -The women and the serpent will be enemies. He will strike his heal but he will crush your head. (Gen 3:15) •Woman - The Women shall bear children in intense pain and suffering. It’s called Labor!(Gen 3:16) •Adam – God placed a curse on his soil. It will grow thorns and thistles.(Gen 3:17-18) •Adam and Eve - Thrown out of the Garden of Eden. (Gen 3:22-24)

5. Contrast Man’s environment before and after the fall. Man’s environment before and after the fall is as follows: Before the fall After the fall Adam was the Gardner taking care of what God Adam has to form the grounds outside of Created (Gen 2:15) garden (Gen 3:23) Adam was to take care of the Garden and the There was an angel with flaming swords Tree of life. There was no guard. Guarding the tree of life (Gen 3:24)

Guards at the tree of life (Gen 3:24)

6. Find a reference to Christ in this chapter
The reference to Christ is in this chapter is when God said “Let us make man in our image” (Gen 1:26). Christ was made in the image of man.

Creation (Chronological – Man Final)

1. Who created the world?
God created the heaven’s and Earth (Gen 1:1, Col 1:16, Gen 1:2)

2. What was the earth and what was it created from?
The earth was formless and empty (Gen 1)
God made what was not there (Heb 11:3)

3. Seven days of creation are as shown below.
Day 1: LIGHT – There was light and darkness (Day and Night) (Gen 1:5) Day 2: SKY AND WATER – Divided the firmament (Gen 1:7-8)
Day 3: PLANTS/VEGETATION – Trees bearing fruit (Gen 1:12-13) Day 4: SUN, MOON AND STARS – Day and night to mark the days and seasons (Gen 1:16-19). Day 5: FISH /BIRDS/Animals – to fill the waters and sky (Gen 1:21-23) Day 6: MAN AND WOMAN – To commune with God/Multiply and fill the earth (Gen 1:29-31) Day 7: REST –God was pleased with his creation (Gen 2:2-3)

God’s relationship with man was the ultimate creations. He made everything that he felt that man would need prior to putting him in the garden. This shows God love for us the special relationship that he has prepared for us.

4. When? How long?
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