Old Testament Paper

Topics: Old Testament, New Testament, Jesus Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: March 6, 2013
North Central Theological Seminary administers both supervised and unsupervised testing and examination methods for completion of an assigned course.

Unsupervised Method: After reading the PDF texts issued for a course, For Master's and doctorate degree students, the twelve page essay must have one page of introduction, nine pages of critical thinking regarding the subject matter, and two pages of summary conclusion. After the completion of the essay portion of the test, the student is required to create a set of twenty-five multiple choices questions and provide answers to those questions in a Question & Answer format. Completed tests must be submitted online for grading.

Supervised Method: After the student gets a passing grade for his/her essay and multiple test submissions, the student must notify his or her adviser when he/she is ready to take the required live testing to complete the course requirements. Supervised testing is conducted by having the student login to his/her student portal with his/her access code. Upon login, the student will see "Online Test". The student is required to click on it when he/she is ready to take the test by simply following the prompt. The test shall consist of 20 mini-essay type question and 25 multiple choice questions. Paper Format Requirements: Your essay paper should include a Title Page. The following information is required on your Title Page: (1) Your Name, (2) Your Student Number, (3) Course Title, and (4) Date. Your review paper should be written in double-space, with 12 font size, in Arial or Times New Roman font style. The minimum page count requirement for your review DOES NOT include the Title Page.

When it comes to the Old Testament, many Christians minimize the importance of it. They tend to get bored with all of the “begat” chapters and they do not understand prophecy. There are many things that happened which goes against their knowledge of science....
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