Old Testament Book Summaries

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Cheryl Welch


Bible 104 D67

November 15, 2011

Summary of the books of the Old Testament Books


The genre of this book is law and it was written by Moses, although it is believed that Joshua reported on his death. The key themes include God’s covenant with Israel, instructions on the early Israelite religion, instructions on the sacrificial system, holiness, cleanliness and the priesthood. God had intervened and delivered the people from slavery and was now establishing his expectations for their behavior and conduct. The major events are God speaking to Moses on Mt. Sinai and giving him the instructions for the structure of the socioeconomic-judicial-political-religious system. These instructions include the anointing of priests, building of the tabernacle, instructions for the rituals of entering the tabernacle, the sacrificial system, the Sabbath year, and acceptable conduct for the people of Israel. The people were given specifics as to foods they were permitted to eat and what animals were to be offered in burnt offerings. These instructions were kept in the Ark of the Covenant. The major personalities were God, Moses, Aaron, and the Israelites. As the book of Leviticus ends, God has established the foundation of Israelite society.


The genre of this book is narrative. The key theme in the book of Judges is the repetitive sin, repentance and deliverance of the Israelites. Each story begins with the people “did evil” in the eyes of the Lord, and God sent judges to bring them back to him. The doing evil refers to the Israelites turning away from God to worship the god’s of the Canaanites. The major events are the callings and rule of the judges, the most notable being Deborah, Gideon and Samson. Deborah battled with Barak to defeat the Canaanites at Mt.Tabor. Gideon who was fearful but through faith he overcame his fear and became God’s instrument to defeat the Midianites. Samson was endowed with great power...
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