Old Paper for English Comp. I on Learning a Second Language

Topics: High school, Second language, Middle school Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: April 8, 2013
A lot of people today are quite comfortable with their first language. Many will never even bother to consider learning a new language. While they ponder on whether or not studying another language is necessary, they tend to forget what good can come from it. This may sound like a predicament that happens all over the world, but these thoughts are frequenting the minds of many American students’ more than foreign students. Should they or should they not be required to learn a second language.

By learning a new language, a student can be a big help when doing their duties at their jobs. At one point or another, a customer may have a harder time understanding a product. Let's say someone who speaks only Spanish wants to buy a specific computer that has the right features. The student that is actually fluent in Spanish would be better help, and he or she would have saved the customer from lots of difficulty. Now the customer is more likely to come back to the same store after such good service and will spread the word to others. Thus, it builds a better workmanship.

Aside from job related matters, it can help build better friendships. I have had many foreign friends throughout my years in grade school. A few were Korean in my middle school and high school years, and at most times they would have a hard time understanding how to do their class work or homework. It would always take a lot more time for them to finish work. If I had the opportunity to at learn the basics of the Korean language it would have made a world of difference. The same situation goes on a lot in the U.S. Most people would have a hard time building friendships and/or relationships only because of a language barrier. By learning a new language, students could get to know and understand each other better.

Many think by making it a requirement to learn a second language is a waste of time. Judging from just recent research, there are only about 18% of Americans that are either bilingual or...
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