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Workshop on Multimedia and Internet Technologies 26th to 28th February, 2001 DRTC, Bangalore

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Multimedia Database: Content and Structure

Samir Kumar Jalal Documentation Research and Training Center, Bangalore-59

Abstract Multimedia is a combination of text, graphics, animations, audio and video converted from different formats into digital media. The extension of database application to handle multimedia objects requires synchronization of multiple media data streams. Time-related characteristics of multimedia data should be superimposed on the existing database. This paper will try to focus on several aspects of multimedia databases- its need, structure and method of handling multimedia

components in order to render multimedia services to its users.

Paper: BC

Samir Kumar Jalal



Everyone deals with multimedia at every walk of lives. We work with multimedia and are surrounded by multimedia. Due to the advancement of modern computer and information technology, multimedia systems play more and more impact on our lives. Therefore, it is more challenging fact how to organize and structure these huge multimedia information so that we can get information easily at any point of time. To do so, multimedia database is a tool required to manage and maintain huge multimedia objects. Multimedia objects consist of texts, graphics, animations, video, sounds, music etc. Multimedia applications often address file management interfaces at different levels of abstraction such as hypertext application, audio editor, audio -video distribution service depending on the real strength of multimedia database and its structure.


Multimedia database management

Multimedia database is a kind of database like any other databases containing multimedia collections. Multimedia is defined as the combination of more than one media, they may be of two types --static and dynamic media. Text, graphics, and images are categorized as static media; on the other hand, objects like- animation, music, audio, speech, video are categorized as dynamic media. Graphic images may consist of cliparts, photographs, logos, and custom drawings. Sound consists of voice narration, speech, music etc. Video data encompasses sound as well as photos. To manage these data multimedia database management system is essential. Multimedia database management system can be defined as a software system that manages a collection of multimedia data and provides access to users to query and retrieve multimedia objects. Generally, multimedia database contains text, image, animatio n, video, audio, movie sound etc. But, all data are stored in the database in binary form.


Multimedia database: content and structure

Paper: BC


Why multimedia databases?

Following arguments will try to justify the requirements of multimedia database as explained below: Ø Multimedia Database is capable of hand ling huge volume of multimedia objects which a general database fails to do effectively; Ø Multimedia Database will help to create virtual museum; Ø It will surely help to develop multimedia applications in various fields like teaching, medical sciences and libraries; Ø Preserving decaying photographs, maps, films having got historical evidence or national importance; Ø Using multimedia database, we can develop the excellent teaching packages; Ø Helps multi-user operations.


Multimedia database: types

There are generally two types of multimedia databases: Linked Multimedia Databases and Embedded Multimedia Databases.

4.1 Linked multimedia databases Multimedia database can be organized as a database of metadata. This metadata links to the actual data such as graphic, image, animation, audio, sound etc. These data may store on Hard Disc, CD-ROM, DVD or Online. In this database, multimedia elements are organized as image, audio/ MP3, video etc.

In this multimedia database system, all data may be stored either on...
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