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OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing) is used for business reports for companies using a number of protocols. Organisations can analyse data in a number of different ways i.e. budgeting, planning, data warehouse reporting, simulation and trend analysis. One of the main benefits of OLAP is the skill to make multidimensional calculations especially used for large businesses. This process will be complete in seconds There are many components of OLAP tools. In this report I will discuss and compare four OLAP tools and identify there strength and weaknesses. Four OLAP tools:

Cognos capabilities include Building reports, OLAP cubes, dashboards and scorecards using all data sources Cognos core products are Query studio, analysis studio and report studio the 3 web front ends cognos and BI offers for reporting and analysis Key areas evaluated include server platform, component integration, offline support and aspects of the front end functionality such as analysis, reporting and charting capabilities Business Intelligence users distribute all the dashboards, tactical, strategic, and operational to help them achieve, monitor and sustain corporate governance IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence applications

There are several applications used by IBM Cognos and Business Intelligence:  Query Studio – Is a tool to create unplanned reports. Users are able to create one 1-page report at a time. This application may be used by Query Authors and Report Authors. http://www.cognos-bi.info/cognos8.html

Because security was the main concern, Cognos chose to add Salesforce's data security features, Cognos is now 24/7 support for all users Cognos enjoys end-to-end visibility, tracking leads through to closed opportunities http://www.salesforce.com/eu/customers/hi-tech-software/cognos.jsp {draw:frame} The following chart contains Cognos License:

http://www.itap.purdue.edu/ea/files/ExplanationOfSoftwareToolsAndUsers.pdf Architecture of Cognos
IBM Cognos 8 has a many dimensions architecture. It is divided into three dimensions Web server, applications, and data. The dimensions are based on business function. IBM Cognos 8 user interfaces e.g. PowerPlay Studio is on above the three tiers. {draw:frame}

http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/c8bi/v8r4m0/topic/com.ibm.swg.im.cognos.ug_search.8.4.0.doc/images/crn_arch_struc-1.jpg Cognos 8 security involves the following:
• Cognos Application Firewall
• Cognos authentication services
• Content Manager authorization services
• Cryptographic services
Cognos Application Firewall
Cognos Application Firewall features include request validation, Secure Error, and parameter Signing. It also has a flexible architecture that can be updated to keep your Cognos 8 security posture current.

Cognos Application Firewall is an essential component of Cognos 8 security, helping to provide protection against penetration vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting. Disabling the Cognos Application Firewall will remove this protection, and should not be done under normal circumstances.

Cognos Authentication Services
Authentication is the process of identifying individuals before allowing them to log on. Authentication in Cognos 8 is third-party authentication providers. Authentication providers access users, groups, and roles used for authentication. User names, IDs, passwords, regional settings, and personal preferences are some examples of information stored in the authentication source accessed by the provider.

To set up authentication for Cognos 8, you must configure Cognos 8 using one or more of these authentication providers:
• Windows NT LAN Manager (NTLM)
• Microsoft Active Directory
• Cognos 7 namespaces created using Cognos 7 Access Manager and available with other Cognos products
• Netegrity SiteMinder
• Custom Java provider...
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