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Topics: Table, Training, Furniture Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: March 11, 2013
8 |Pagethe following days, the trainee had already worked just like a regular employee of the ERFE &ASSOCIATES.May 11, 2012, it was the day when he appointed at Evaristo Unit Project where heassigned to encode a plan and to make a 3D model/ perspective of TV cabinet at lining room.May 15, 2012, it was the day when the trainee finished his 100hrs OJT training in ERFE& ASSOCIATES and it was also his second day on the site. On the site, the trainee noticed thatmost furniture in the unit/ project site was made of wood. He also noticed that the room was inmodern/ contemporary style. The mentor of the trainee assigned him to help in set- upping themain areas of the room for tenant occupancy. He also learned how they install knock downfurniture through observing them and he helped in cleaning and sweeping the floor after theinstallation of furniture.

May 17, 2012, it was the date when the trainee started the on the job training at ACMIWORKPLACE DESIGN CENTER. It is a supplier of office furniture and a furnituremanufacturing company situated at 464 Audrich Building Lt. Artiaga, San Juan City.The trainee was assigned at AAW Inc. Project where the employer assigned to make a 3Dmodel or perspective of coffee table & display cabinet. It was very challenging to the traineebecause he is not already expert in AutoCAD 3D Model. Then after he finished it, the traineeassigned to answer all phone calls that the company receives.May 18, 2012, the trainee assigned at Art B. Piano Project and he assigned to make aperspective or 3D model of hanging cabinet, executive table, side table, office tables, conference

9 |Pagetable, and freestanding table. It was very pressure to the trainee because it was too many. Afterthe trainee finished it, he helps his mentor in the preparation of the Sales Report of theircompany.May 21, 2012, the trainee assigned to make a 3D model or perspective of steel cabinet/ locker and racks on AutoCAD. After the trainee...
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