Ojt Narrative Report

Topics: Cheque, Confidentiality, Cash Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Macky G. Dizon

Midterm Narrative Report

This summer, we were able to experience how to be in the actual work setting as an OJT Trainee at the Relation House Inc. located in Makati City which will cover 240 hours of work and work days covering 5 days/week and 9hours/day just to assure that we would be able to finish our internship until May 17. I, together with Krisha Baleda and Yoradel Garcia, were tasked to do accounting jobs under the supervision of Ms. Rowena Lim (HR Generalist) and Wennie Enriquez (Resident Agent). This training had given me the chance to apply the theories and computations that I’ve learned in the school and helped me to acquire more knowledge and skills through performing it in real situation.

During the first day of my training, we were first introduced to the other employees of the company then we’re given some brief information on how the company runs and what are the services they offer. After that, we’ve been oriented on the system used by the company and how they utilize it, which is the Quickbooks, and the accounting procedures that they use to treat for the accounts. Although I am only an OJT Trainee I was entrusted to see how their system works and had been taught how to encode check information in the system and since we’re hired to make their work easier without bearing labor costs we’re also tasked to do some clerical works also like sorting and filing of check vouchers, cross referencing of some data to check its accuracy and transcribing of some information to other separate file copy to store a back-up files.

During the succeeding days of my stay in Relation House Inc., I was commanded by my superior to make summary of the expenses occurred for the replenishment of the petty cash fund and then sort & file the receipts. I also did Inventory Checking in the office and pantry with Krisha and Yoradel then update its count by making an Excel report of it as of the date we did it. While being trusted of the...
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