Office Politics

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Office Politics

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Who Is Effected by Office Politics
Any person who works in an office is affected by office politics whether they chose to participate of stand by and watch. Sarmiento (2003) has developed several rules that can be applied when engaging in office politics. These include not whining, make friends not enemies, selectively disclose information and do not assume anything will remain a secret, the challenge here is not in how an individual chooses to act, but how are the people he or she is interacting choosing to behave. In my work place, I have several individuals who actively play the political game in hopes of winning the respect of the managers, owners, coworkers and sometimes each other. I personally deal with office politics in a clearly defined one on one manner either with the individual or by going through channels to minimize any negative feeling on the part of the individual engaging in the politics. Being Attentive

The primary way in which I deal with politicking in the office environment is to pay attention to what people are saying and doing. I can see what their desires are and needs for motivation in maintaining an attentive attitude and listening to what is being said verbally and non-verbally. By paying attention to what employees and peers are saying, I can be supportive of their desires and encourage them in the pursuit of growth or reason with them to correct inappropriate actions. In my position I work directly for the president of my company, the office manager wanted me to perform an additional function each day, removing this from her daily obligations. When I did not accept her request, she started to put the idea into the ear of the president, who then mentioned it to me for insight. I could have become angry and condemned the person for going around me and trying to gain her want by going to the president, however I...
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