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What are the different uses of Electronic mail within a business firm?

Electronic mail’s primary use is to send information (letters, music etc.) quickly through the use of computers or cell phones but did you know it is very important in most businesses? It can be used for getting data to multiple destinations at a time, reminders, storage etc.

Objectives Of The Research
Two aims of this project are:
* Discovering the different uses of E-mail in a business’ day-to-day activities. * To investigate how important this service is.

Functions Of The Department Selected
Two functions of the Communication Department are:
* Sending out data via any available medium.
* Receiving, sorting and conveying data to the Records Department.

11 Ricketts Avenue
Kingston 13
June 10 2009

The Personnel Manager
The Ministry of Labour & Social Security
14 National Heroes Circle
Kingston 4

Dear Sirs
I am a Hydel High School student currently doing a selection of business subjects. With these I hope to pursue a career in the business field. I have a request of your firm. I am seeking permission to conduct research on your firm. My research topic is “The Use of Electronic mail”. I have visited this ministry and have seen how the staff use E-mail for different purposes. If accepted, the activities which I will do will have no effect on the staff. I will note different activities of the Communication Division for three (3) days and will also distribute questionnaires to gather further information for my research. I await your reply. Thank you.

Yours faithfully
Kimarley Duffus

I decided to incorporate questionnaires and interviews.

Reason For Selecting This Instrument
I decided to incorporate both interviews and questionnaires. This is because they were the two most suitable options. If I were to utilize observations employees would feel a sense of nervosity with me watching over them. Another option was secondary sources, this would not disturb anyone, however, there would be uncertainty due to the fact that I did not obtain the information firsthand.

How Instrument Was Provided
I printed thirteen (13) questionnaires as there were fifteen (15) internet oriented employees in the Communication Department. There names were placed in a box where only thirteen would be drawn to ensure I recollected at least ten (10). The names were drawn while the box was being shaken. I found the selected employees and handed them copies. After this I asked all these persons some questions during an interview. The following specimen shows five (5) of my twenty (20) questions from my questionnaire used for data collection.

1. What is the reason for choosing to use E-mail above other media of communication in this firm?

A) Affordability
B) Speed
C) Cost
D) Reliability
E) All of the Above

2. What is the main use of E-mail in this firm?

A) Reminders
B) Answering employment seekers
C) Personal communication
D) Other (Please State) ________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

3. Please state at least two other uses of Electronic Mail in this firm. ____________________________________________________________






4. What is the main purpose of incoming Electronic Mail?

A) Job seeking
B) Reminders
C) Personal communication
D) Other (Please State) ________________________________________ ________________________________________________________
5. Is E-mail the best way to...
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