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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Corporate Compliance Plan
Amanda R. Sigmund
LAW 531
Business Law

By devising a corporate compliance plan, we are able to effectively find a way to handle specific issues that arise within the Riordan company. Fbb om w enterprise liability to real and intellectual property to governance principles of regulatory compliance requirement to the specific international laws that must be followed. As officers and directors of Riordan Manufactguring, you will always be concerned with the above issues, trying to devise plans to avoid conflict all while maintaining profitbility for the company. Company Overview

Riordan Manufacturing is a plastic mold injecting company. Riordan Industries is the current owner of Riordan Manufacturing. Evidentially, they are global leaders in their industry and continue to show improvements, that will, hopefully, ensure a life-long profitable company. With such a large company it is easy to drift away from important standards that...
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