Of Personality, Perception and Attitude

Topics: Humorism, Four Temperaments, Personality psychology Pages: 7 (2131 words) Published: February 18, 2013

Title : Development of Personality, Perception and Attitude Subject:ODHRM
Level / Semester :I
Programme: MBA-FULL TIME
Subject Tutor:Mr. Jayashree
Name of Student : Mr. Najeeb K.M.
Student’s Registration Number:PGD-B/Feb12/08
Date of Submission:24-8-2012
Word Count:2117 words
Word Limit: 2000 words
Introduction | 5|
Attitudes in Organisational Life| 5|
Importance of Values in an Organisation| 7|
Various Theory of Personality| 9|
Conclusion| 11|

Student’s Name| Najeeb K.M.|
Registration Number| PGD-B/Feb12/08|
Date of submission of the Assignment| 24-August-2012|
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Signature of the studentDate: 24-08-2010

This assignment is dealing with the Development of personality, perceptions and attitude. This will help to understand how the employs and customers thinking, that helps us to make correct decision and to develop our business. Also by this we can make our personality and attitude in the right way. Analyzing a case study of “Sayyed’s” is also included for analyzing and discussing his personality and attitude in his certain lifetime. Explained the relevance of values and beliefs in Organizational life and also if the values/ beliefs can be changed is also included in this study. Attitudes in Organisational Life

The importance of attitude of the individuals in an organisation is tremendous. A human resource manager must be able to identify, categorize and mould attitudes as far as possible. The employees come from different social and financial backgrounds. Even if two people belong to the same family, there can be a big difference between their attitudes. The way a person performs a task may differ according to the type of attitude he possesses. What is attitude? First of all, let us try to understand the importance of attitude in an individual’s personal life. An attitude means a positive or a negative evaluation of some object – a thing, a person, a place or an environment. A person can be ambivalent towards an object by possessing both a negative and positive attitude. It is totally upto the individual to decide what his attitude towards life should. There is also scope for change...
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