Of Mice and Men and Crooks Display

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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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Discriminated by many, isolated from all. Crooks is a quick-witted, vivacious, stable-hand who takes his name from his physical

characteristics; A crooked back as result of a horse kick. He’s segregated for the clear reason of the colour of his skin. Crooks is kept to

his sanctuary—the harness room; where the white man snickers, and indecent remarks are impenetrable. He may put up a front,

demonstrates his care free attitude, but somewhere deep down lies A guy who needs somebody—to be near him.(pg. 20) Crooks’ display of

emotions makes the reader feel empathy and allows him to fully grasp the theme of loneliness intended in Of Mice and Men.

Black, nigger, negro, coon, niglet, spook — All derogative terms that are used to describe people of an African culture. Crooks is the

only non-Caucasian individual occupying the ranch. Because of his difference in colour, he is secluded from the other ranch hands,

including their activities. Remember when your mother told you being different meant you were unique, meant you were something

special? In this case, it would’ve been better off if Crooks wasn‘t the silky pearl, but the bland clam.

You don't let me in your house to play cards, so why should I let you into my house? These words spittle from Crooks mouth, a pool of

anger spreading throughout his veins. Human rights? What are those? During the depression era, African-American people weren’t

appreciated. White men treated them as if they had a high rank in royalty, intolerating scum like Negros. White men would look at a

pile of manure and compare African-American people, finding no difference in the two.

Being the only African-American man had to have made Crooks lonely. Who could he turn to, discuss injustice and cruelty? Who could

he acknowledge? Just the presence of another man like him would have comforted him. Who could lean his heavy head on? Look for

reassurance, words of ease, telling him...