Oedipus the King by Sophocles: Was the Punishment Justified?

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Oedipus the king is a play written by Sophocles in year/century(?) The play portrays the reign of Oedipus the King ending in his final demise after he unknowingly kills his father. Oedipus is punished for his crimes by stripping him of his kingdom and banishing him from it. Oedipus out of his own guilt and loss of pride also punishes himself by gouging out his own eyes. The point of this essay is to discuss if the punishment was justifiable. By stating out the pros and cons of the punishment.

cons and pros of the punishment will justify the punishment. Then put thesis statemtnt…
Oedipus’ crown did not put him above his royal decree of banishment for murder. Is was the punishment justifiable given the crime? Try to put this in a statement

Nature of crime and punishment: mitigating circumstances
Punishement was banishment….. Oedipus personal punishment driven by guilt was to gouge out his eyes. Is his own guilt punishment enough?

In the play Oedipus goes on a search to get rid of the plague, he then figures out some news that was not good. Without listening to the prophecies Tiresas warned him about. Oedipus is the killer he then takes his oath but adds a physical pain that would not let him see for the rest of his life+JOIN THESE THEY ARE ABOUT THE SAME THING! +The basic reason for Oedipus to search for Laius’ killer. To put a stop to the horrific plague, the plague would come to an end when the murderer is dead or drive out of the land( 270-285). When Oedipus finds out he is the murderer of Laius the oath he made about the banishment was the only Option? PRO why should Oedipus crown put him above his decree.

Oedipus’ punishment, of anger he then stabs his eyes repeatedly with Jocasta’s (wife/mother) dress pins WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT this was his free will ? Trying to escape all the horror he faced. He will no longer see the faces of his children or his subject in the kingdom. Oedipus’ punishment was stabbing out his eyes...
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