Odyssey Essay

Topics: Edmund Hillary, Trojan War, Odyssey Pages: 3 (1117 words) Published: May 17, 2013
The Power Within
Sir Edmund Hillary once said, “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” This quote means that even though the mountain seems hard to climb, your thoughts of quitting or turning around are way harder on yourself than the physical aspect is. The mountain in all reality is easy to climb depending on the mind set you put yourself in. The real conquer consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. New eyes and a new mind can make or break you; help you or destroy you. Having the power to keep going and persevering all comes from within. Throughout “The Odyssey” by Homer, Odysseus’s strength, persistence and eloquent demonstrates that the only way to accomplish something is from the power within.

Homer characterizes Odysseus with persistence in his actions and feelings. When Odysseus is attempting to leave Calypso’s island, but fails many times, he continues to try and get away to begin his journey home. Clearly, Odysseus doesn’t like being on the island, “By the dire fury of a traitress wife, Ends the sad evening of a stormy life: Whence with incessant grief my soul annoy'd, These riches are possess'd, but not enjoy'd” (36), this shows that he is upset with being there and wants to get away to be independent and follow through with his return home. Once he escapes from Calypsos island, Odysseus beings to hide his identity from many people. This is shown exceptionally good when Odysseus is arriving at Phaecia, he doesn’t come clean with his identity for reasons somewhat unknown. Odysseus hiding his identity can be explained by the way that he wants to be trusted and how he values the idea of having such things kept a secret. The last way Odysseus shows persistence is through his ability to fight, and go into battle. There are many examples of this in the book such as Odysseus surviving through the Trojan War, battling the Cyclops, and killing all of the suitors. Odysseus clearly recognizing his ability to battle, “My wars,...
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