Odyssey and Odysseus O Athena

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LIT2 – Story Analysis

The time of the story is after the Trojan wars.
The places of the story are in Ithaca and Fayessia.

oOdysseus – King of Ithica
oPenelope – Wife of Odysseus
oAthena – Goddess of Wisdom
oCalypso – She saved Odysseus from Hades
oTelemachus – Son of Odysseus and Penelope
oAgamemnon – head of the soldiers against the trojans
oMenalayes – the one who tries to get the kingdom of Oddysseus oPoseidon – God of the Sea
oAnticlea – Mother of Odysseus
oHermes – Messenger of Gods

The major conflict of the story is how Odysseus will find his way back to his kingdom. This happen when Poseidon got mad at him after Odysseus disagree that Poseidon helped him defeat the Trojans, so Poseidon punished him by making him suffer. RISING ACTION:

The rising action of the story is when Odysseus arrived in his kingdom but he cannot tell his wife, Penelope, that is the old man. He just disguised as an old man because Athena, the goddess of wisdom, want her to know what is the situation in his kingdom before he return back to his true physical. CLIMAX:

The climax of the story is when Penelope decided to marry another man by having a contest of who will be able to string Odysseus’ bow and aim it into the twelve lined up axes. But only Odysseus knows how to do so. RESOLUTION:

The resolution of the story is when finally Odysseus returns to his true looks and he got back his kingdom and finally is reunited to his wife Penelope. IV.THEME:
The themes of the story are love for family, perseverance, loyalty to your spouse, tradition and customs, justice, and fate.
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