Odyssey's Last Rhapsody

Topics: Odyssey, Odysseus, Trojan War Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: March 1, 2013
1 For this writing assignement I've chosen question number one. In a way ending the Odyssey with book 23 would make sense to a point because in 23 it talks about the meeting or rejoining of Odysseus and Penelope. Although at first Penelope is in disbelief when Eurycleia tells her about the return of Odysseus. However, by ending with book 23 you're leaving the readers hanging with not letting them know what happens with the suitors, and the meeting between Odysseus and his father. The main theme of book 23 is the meeting of Odysseus and Penelope. How Penelope tells Eurycleia to move her bed which makes Odysseus suddenly flare up and tells Penelops how the bed was made and how its unmovable. By doing so Penelope knows that this man must be her husband. After they get reacquainted, Odysseus tells Penelope where all he's been on his wanderings. Main theme of book 24 is the suitors being led by Hermes in Hades. Agamenon contrasts how Penelope with the treachery of Clyemnestra. Aslo in this book, Odysseus then travels to the Laertes farm (which is in Ithaca) so he can meet with his father. As a whole, I believe they both relate to the main theme of the story as an enirety. Previously throughout the book, Homer talks about Penelope and how she would react if and when Odysseus returned home. When they are together again they will know each other better, and speak with signs that only the two of them will understand. As for book 24- it also relates to the story as a whole because during Odysseus' travels the suitors were a big part. In conclusion, I feel that by ending the Odyssey with book 24 most readers will feel that they now know what happened to everyone that was mentioned throughout hte story. If by leaving the book end at 23, that leaves tons of questions from readers unanswered. Struck notes, Book 23, Week 4 Lecture 7


2 What I chose is the Option 4, which is about the analysis of the idea of time in...
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