October Sky

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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October Sky

Marion Eady

The film October Sky (1999), directed by Joe Johnson is based on a true story of Homer Hickman ( a coal miners son) who is inspired to build a rocket after the Russian launch of the first artificial satellite (Sputnik) into orbit. The film definitely focuses on the course theme of being a social outcast. This is explored in the film through three people, John Hickman (Homers Father), the town of Coalwood and Mr.Turner (Homers principle).

Firstly, John Hickman, father of Homer Hickman and a coal miner at the Coalwood mines in West Virginia, socially outcasts his son. Why? Because John doesn’t agree with his son building a rocket. This is explored through Homers father getting in multiple fights with his son. John called Homer many hurtful words for example a minis and a thief. John never wanted to go watch Homers rocket launch, he never agreed with anything that Homer wanted to do. Homer’s father wanted him to work in a coal mine not build rockets. Homer’s father is thrilled when Homer decides to go work in the coal mine after John gets hurt at work. Homer decides to quit school, quits making rockets and go into the coal mine. After John is out of the hospital and is able to go back to work, Homers mother want him to go back to school. Homer tells him mom that he’s not going back to school and John agrees with Homer. Although John is thrilled that Homer quit building rockets, the family is finally happy and everything is good, Homer decides to go back to school to build rockets and win what his goal was the entire movie, The Science Fair. Homer and his friends win the Science Fair and get to go onto the National Science Fair but the only problem is, only one person can go. Homer’s friends choose him. John is not to proud of his son and he tells his son, “if you don’t want to be here, go, just go” Homer replies with “fine I’ll go and I won’t even look back. Everything is dying in this town and I want to leave, maybe I’ll be...
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