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Case Study #1: Ockham Technologies


Ockham Technologies, started by three former consultants at Alexander Group including Jim Triandiflou and Mike Meisenheimer, has little experience in product development. Therefore, in order for Ockham to 1) successfully develop the first product for IBM on a timely basis, 2) continue to build a full suite of five other products, I recommend that Jim Triandiflou renegotiates the term sheet with Noro-Moseley so that Ockham takes two million investment from Noro-Moseley in the current phase with the option to receive another two million after the IBM product development. The initial $2 million investment from Noro-Moseley will allow Jim Triandiflou to hire an in-house designing team to develop the IBM product. Moreover, the additional $2 million will secure funding for the development of the other five products. Lastly, Noro-Moseley will be able to offer constructive input on how to transform the management structure at Ockham and resolve the tension between Jim Triandiflou and Mike Meiseneheimer. I suggest that Ockham sets up a four-people board and this will allow Triandiflou and Meisenheimer to each specialize in one managerial field. Product Development

Because Ockham needs to meet a very aggressive deadline for the IBM products, it is crucial that Triandiflou secures the first round of funding as soon as possible so that he can assemble a team to start designing the product. Assembling an in-house team offers more benefits than outsourcing because Ockham can ensure flexibility in design, quality of product as well as the reusability of the codes in other products development. Because Ockham is still in the process of exploring and finalizing product design, having an in-house software team will allow Ockham to make changes and shifts in product design during the development process. Additionally, the in-house team might be more willing to work long hours given that entrepreneurial environment at...
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