Ocial Issues of Domestic Violence

Topics: Sociology, Domestic violence, Violence Pages: 9 (3005 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Name: Colleen
Professor: Stanford,
Subject: SSC 305
Topic: The Social Problem of Domestic Violence
'Domestic violence is one of the most under reported cases in the US' , according to National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). An epidemic, spanning histories and cultures. It can be intergenerational; handed down through learnt behaviors or multifaceted. Someone who abuses their spouse, will have a reason to kick the dog, the child and the elderly. We tend to think of domestic abuse as physical violence/assault on a partner, but it is the summary of physically, sexually and psychologically abusive behaviors directed by a person against another, regardless of education, marital status ,nationality, gender, religion and sexual orientation.

What is a social problem ?.According to Linda A. Mooney et al."There 's no universal, constant or absolute definition of what constitutes a social problem. It's a combination of objective and subjective criteria that varies across societies, among individuals and groups within a society and across historical time periods". In ,' Understanding Social Problems', it is defines as a social condition that a segment of the population views as harmful to society and in need of remedy. Our objective perception is what confronts us physically, outside of us instead of in our minds. Our subjective perception is the antithesis; according to our feelings beliefs and attitudes, a matter of one's personal views depending on how we see it. For those who view domestic violence as a social problem, then it is, for others, it may be a form of discipline established in a relationship. The same thing can be a social problem and its exact opposite. E.g. Abortion; those who oppose abortion, considers it murder making it a social problem. For those who lobby for it, It is not a social problem, but a solution for an aspiring pregnant young college student. Subjective or objective, domestic violence is a global, synonymous to suicide, gun violence, human trafficking, and alcoholism , all of which are harmful wherever and whenever they occur. Sociological Theory of social problems

Sociologists have long studied humans within society in different ways. C. Wright Mills [1959] developed the Sociological Imagination, he said that "when we use our sociological imagination, we are able to distinguish between 'personal troubles' and 'public issues', we are able to observe the connections between the events and conditions of our lives, and the social and historical context in which we live". In other words, to be able to look beyond the individual as the cause of success or failure and see how society influenced the outcome of the violent behavioral tendencies. We turn on our televisions to hear that the recent financial crisis is the worst global recession since the Great Depression. The news report is filled with housing foreclosure, banks in trouble, unemployment on the rise. This is the 'big picture', a macro view that focuses on culture and institution etc. Wouldn't that have an effect on domestic violence? Yes it can, since society influences our lives so profoundly. A micro view would be to zero in on peoples interaction with each other on a personal level, to see how the social problem of domestic violence evolved. From the two views, three well-known theories have been developed to explain the cause of social problems. The Functionalist Theory: assuming that the society is stable and orderly. The Conflict Theory: sees society as always changing and always marked by conflict and The Symbolic Interaction Theory: viewing society as being made up of countless social interactions. Thus, the functionalist and conflict perspective reflect the macro view, while the symbolic interaction perspective reflects the micro views of society. The Functionalist Theory and Domestic Violence

According to the functionalist, every part of society-the family, the school, the economy, the government, religion and...
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