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Topics: Sociology, Organization, Culture Pages: 4 (1099 words) Published: August 3, 2012
The organization being discussed is a Lutheran Social Services located in Houston, Texas. This organization provides foster care services to neglected and abused children throughout Harris County. The goal of Lutheran Social Services is to give a child a home and a family to care for him/her until he/she is either returned to his/her birth parents or adopted. Foster Care is a part of a process that leads to a permanent home for a child. If a child is a temporary ward of the court, then the goal is to return the child home. The most desirable outcome for all parties involved is that the child be able to return to his/her birth parents. When this is not possible, the child becomes a permanent ward of the court, and the outcome is adoption. The primary current culture of Lutheran Social Services is Avoidance of the Passive/Defensive style. The secondary current culture of Lutheran Social Services is Oppositional of the Aggressive/Defensive style. These two styles will be discussed through this paper and how it plays into the Lutheran Social Services.

Current Culture

According to the Organizational Cultural Inventory, the style of the Lutheran Social Services is Avoidance which is a culture that characterizes organizations that fail to reward success but nevertheless punish mistakes. This negative reward system leads members to shift responsibility to others and avoid any possibility of being blamed for a mistake. This culture style of employers waits for others to act first and take few chances. The second style of the Lutheran Social Services is Oppositional which is a culture that describes organizations in which confrontation and negativism are rewarded. Employees gain status and influence by being critical and thus are reinforced to oppose the ideas of others. The employer points out flaws of its employees and is very hard to impress. The results of Organizational Culture Inventory for Lutheran Social Services are true. The agency’s...
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