Observation Narative

Topics: Boy, Girl, Female Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Blair Spaulding
February 25, 2013
Observation Narrative
Saturday, February 23, 2013, 1636 hours I discretely observed people at Lone Oak Park 3425 Elverta Rd. Antelope for an assignment for ADMJ 73.
When I arrived to Lone Oak Park I began to scan my surroundings, as I looked around I saw multiple groups of people of all different types. The first people that were brought to my attention were two women that passed beside me as they walked in a counter-clockwise direction around the park. As these ladies walked around the park they seemed to be engaged in a very serious conversation the blonde woman dressed in black skin tight pants, with a pink shirt and white and pink running shoes was making very dramatic hand gestures and serious facial expressions, while the brunette woman in the black skin tight capris, with a red, yellow, and orange tie-dye shirt and white running shoes listened with a very concerned expression on her face.

As I began to look around I saw a young man, he had a large black dog with a red collar and silver dog tags around its neck running beside him. The young man was wearing a white cut-off shirt, blue loose “basketball” shorts, and black running shoes with white headphones in his ears. Behind me I heard kids laughing and screaming and as I turned around I saw six children playing on the playground and four adults close by keeping an eye on the young children. Two young boys were swinging on the blue swings next to each other, the one on the right swing had a blue and yellow striped shirt, and the boy on the left was wearing a red hoodie, a tall man was standing behind the boys pushing them as they fell back into his hands, the boy in the red hoodie yelled “higher Dad, higher!” There were three children playing on the big yellow slide one little boy in a blue shirt had just slid down the slide and as he began to go up the slide in the wrong direction I heard his mother yell “Patrick that’s the wrong way, if you’re not...
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