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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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|FCS 525 | | | |Adolescent Observation in Natural Setting | | | |Pretend you are an anthropologist looking for teenagers in their natural habitat. Find groups of adolescents at the mall, on the bus, hanging around the | |high school, or wherever you can find some. Observe three adolescents. You may view them at the same place or different locations on different days. | |Don’t try to watch three adolescents at one time. Focus on one at a time. Do look for adolescents who are with other people so you can observe social | |interaction. Try to be at a place where you can hear some of what is being said without being too intrusive. (YOU MAY WANT TO TAKE THIS OBSERVATION SHEET| |WITH YOU IN CASE YOUR BEHAVIOR IS QUESTIONED). | |Learning Objective(s): | | | | | | | |To develop the student’s awareness and understanding of adolescent stages of growth and development and social behaviors by making observations in a | |realistic setting. The student will be able to identify adolescent stages of growth and development, describe interactions and interpret observations | |citing course readings for justification....
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