Objectivity in Risk Management

Topics: Computer virus, Trojan horse, Antivirus software Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: January 11, 2013

As companies increasingly rely on the data contained on their computer systems, threats to the data are also growing. Threats to data, or to information, can come in the form of a breach of confidentiality, a violation of integrity, or a denial of availability. These threats can come from various sources including computer hackers with malicious intent, natural or unnatural disasters, the lack of security policies, the failure to enforce security policies and computer viruses. Computer viruses pose as serious a threat to data as can a malicious hacker. In order to thoroughly protect a company’s information, one must focus on protecting against all possible threats, including computer viruses. Although infection of computer systems by a virus is generally unintentional, the possibility of infection is real and without the proper protection, imminent. Computer viruses are designed to spread from one file to another, from one program to another, from one machine to another, and even from one network to another. Viruses threaten the integrity and availability of data. Data have become the backbone of most companies today, and therefore any threat to a company’s data cannot be tolerated. Time, resources and money must be invested to protect a company against the harmful and destructive intrusion of computer viruses. At first glance it would appear that protecting computers from viruses is a relatively simple task. On the surface this task involves selecting an anti-virus software package, installing it, and running the virus scan, rendering the computer virus-free. Unfortunately the process can be quite intricate, and require as much time and effort spent planning as on implementation. An enterprise wide anti-virus initiative involves numerous tasks, which at a high level can be broken into the following phases: planning, implementation and maintenance. Other phases may be identified for any given project and should be included as...
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