Objective Evaluation of Foods

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  • Published: January 21, 2009
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Objective Evaluation of Foods


Jessa Mae L. Cubero
Ana Rica S. Navarra
Abegail Nicca S. Oafallas

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9 December 2008


An overview on Food Evaluation 3
The Importance of Evaluation and Analysis on Food Science 3
Objectives of the Laboratory Exercise 3
Keywords: Words on Focus 4

Measurement of Weight/Volume of Foods 4
Determination of Colors of Foods 5
Determination of pH of foods 5
Determination of Titratable Acidity of Foods 5
Determination of Soluble Solids Concentration of Foods 5

Experimental Results……….7
Tabulated Results of Measured Characteristics for Coca-Cola Sample 7
Tabulated Results of Measured Characteristics for Kopiko 3-in-1 Instant Coffee Sample 8

Discussion of Results……….9
Weight and Volume Measurements on foods 9
Color readings Based on the Munsell Book of Colors 10
Importance of determining pH in foods 10
Titration Techniques and its Direct Effects on the Calculation of %TA of Liquid Samples 10
Discussion of Soluble Solids Concentration Readings using Refractometer 10



An Overview on Food Evaluation

Without food, life is impossible to sustain. People highly depend on it and make it a top priority. This has long made evident by numerous industries and businesses everywhere that concern food. Malls and shopping places cannot be complete with fast food chains and restaurants. Mealtime is always a treasured moment because it does not only bring the family members closer together, but also get a pleasure of satisfaction from delectable meals on the dining table. In this present state of the world economy, a number of huge...
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