Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm

Topics: Object-oriented programming, Structured programming, Programming language Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: September 24, 2011
Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm
* Because of the concept of inheritance in OO programming, existing codes can be easily modified because new codes can be added with little modifications made. That is to say it is easily extensible and codes can be easily re-used. * OOP provides a clear program structure because the solution to be developed can be broken down into objects and approached as such. This gives room for maintainability of the program because problems would be easy to identify and fix * Each object exists separately and can be managed individually because the internal working of teach object is independent of other object. It is easy to modify a class without affecting other parts of the program because the public access to the class is through the use of its methods

* The division of a solution into classes (objects) is limited to what the eyes can see or what the mind can visualize at the moment. But when the problem changes slightly, the view of the classes and objects would change also * Another disadvantage is in the case of conditional programming. In OOP several objects would interact in a lot more complex way than they were designed to. There would even be things that were not anticipated when writing the program. This could lead to difficult debugging problems.

Structured Programming Paradigm
* It is a lot easier to represent an algorithm in the programming language * It is easier to learn for a beginner

* It is more difficult to debug the programs
* Most times the codes are longer and more complex than OOP

Object oriented programming is perceived among programmers to be better than other structural programming languages. This is because of the ease at which complex programs can be maintained. For a structured programming language, the solution is concise and deals directly with the end result; it uses procedures and functions to immediately...
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