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Willy loman,a 36 year old man,New York City Willy speed off in the car.Then he car crashs.Willy has committed suicide.Willy was planing his death by planting seeds for his funeral Willy is going to kill himself to get life insurance money so Biff can start a business and to be something in life.Willy was suffering from abandonment because his father left him at age three. Willy's father abandon him and he's lonely and doesn't know what's it like to be loved by a father.Willy's father's abandonment has a huge impact in his adult life.Willy is married to Linda Loman and he is insecure about himself.Willy Loman was a popular salesman but then he didn't turn out to be successful. Willy has a 34 year old son Biff and Happy the younger brother of Biff who tries in all he can to please his father and attempts to continue his father’s dream after he dies.Willy didn't know how to be a father to his two son's and his son's turn out to be failures like him.Willy's sons don't have any girlfriends or wife's because willy doesn't let his sons go out there and find who they really are and what they want to do with there life.Willy has a friend which is his neighbor Charley has a son name Benard and is the same age as Biff but Charley's son is successful in life.Charley really tries to help out Willy with his economic problems but Willy has to much pride for himself to accept what Charley gives him. Willy wasn't a great father but he tried to do what he can but that didn't help because his sons and him weren't successful in life.Willy's was suffering from fear of abandonment which has a huge impact in his adult life.Willy was getting flash backs about his older brother Ben and he didn't want him to leave.Ben was the successful one and Willy needed to ask about how was his father like he needed advice about how to be a father.Willy committed suicide by crashing himself.Linda Willy's wife couldn't understand why all of Willy’s friends and...
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