Obesity Persuasive Paper

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  • Published : March 29, 2007
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Today in the world we live in, 25% of white children are overweight and 33% of African American children are overweight. Those numbers are staggering. Also about 45% of all diabetes cases diagnosed in children are as a result of obesity. We all live in a very hectic world, and I realize that. Everyone has somewhere to be, weather it be work or a social event and to be honest, we really don't take care of our kids. It is found more and more that we as a society don't get our children involved. Less and less, do they have the opportunity to enjoy a basketball game because mom and dad don't have the time while they are at work, trying to hold down the mortgage and all the taxes. The PTA's around the country are getting fewer and fewer volunteers because people don't want to get involved. We have stopped wanting to raise our kids, and we pass the job off to a daycare or a nanny. Everyone knows that's no substitute for a parents love. It was said that in a study done, that the number one cause of child obesity was ‘insufficient expenditure of calories through a physical activity'. Soon following was ‘excessive snacking, having a fast food diet, and family behaviors' Now that you know what we are fighting against you can hear my cry for help. Everyone in this room is a wealthy successful business man or woman. Donate some money to our charity. We support health and the well being of every child that is currently suffering from obesity. Today hospitals are spending $127 million dollars to fight this epidemic. So please your donations will help. What we need to do as a country is begin to take time to have scheduled meals. This will help our children and even us, because we all could use it, to stop snacking so much. When you have a schedule they know when dinner will be on the table. Also we have to stop eating out so much. The calories and Trans fats in McDonalds and Burger King are astronomical! Its not healthy to eat it even once a week, we as a society need to cut...
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