Obamacare Cause and Effect

Topics: Health care, Health economics, Barack Obama Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Name: Barthel Joseph
Course: Translating Experience into Essay
Prof: Rocco
Topic: The health Care system in America is adequate.
What is wrong with the American health care system? We spend more money on health care than any country in the whole world. Each year, the number of Americans without access to the affordable health care increased rapidly. People who have a productive life were the ones who work very hard; they are healthy and educated. It seemed that poor health in America had begun to decline in productivity, such as salary and an increased in health care expensive. What can we do to help improve our inadequate health care system in America?

First, we can give everyone access to the health care system, and to all uninsured Americans. I strongly Believed that the Americans health care system should pay more attention on prevention and keep all American citizens healthy; not waiting until someone become sick. As Americans we need to work together so we can improve the current health care system. Everyone and I liked the Obama care formally known as “The Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act”- because of the new health law, now all minority women and children can apply for health insurance coverage. Parents can add their children to the insurance premium with no additional cost until aged twenty six. The Obama care also creates a safety net for senior citizens and they can purchase their prescription drugs at a lower cost. The main advantage about the Obama care is that the insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to patients with pre-existing condition and the small businesses can get a tax credit to help them to provide health insurance coverage to their employees. The Obama care is heading in a positive direction. The new health care plan is designed to provide insurance to millions of additional adults and children with the Obama care ; the patients can make their decisions regardless of low income...
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