Obama's Inaugural Speech

Topics: United States, President of the United States, Barack Obama Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Eric Diaz
Professor Ross
Speech Communication LA 120
28 January 2013

Obama's inaugural speech
I like the fact that president Obama spoke about a lot of views in his speech he defends Social Security, and Medicaid, saying it renews our civil rights. He said we need to show more fairness for children of immigrants and saying over in over “We The People,” were labeled “far-left-of-center wish I heard was another senator who called us that.” we need too continued to persevere in spite our negative comments about our civil rights. He was clean shave he stood up straight and firm the he stated with confidence all his statements. He was alert at all times looking into the people eyes he spoke with integrity and dignity. The president said we aren’t a nation of takers that bye supplementing us with benefits only free us. After listening to the President’s inaugural speech it gave me hope. I felt that the dream of minority people to take initiative for public program was coming true, that a majority of Americans fail to support, from what I been hearing on the news. If the President gave a “liberal” speech ever this was the one showing the nation honesty and backing up his statements. I know the republicans and tea party where piss off, because he gave a speech that motivated the nation to keep pushing for laws they don’t want to past in my opinion.

It was a martin Luther king speech being given again because it had its liberal agendas. Voting was an agenda he want the long line we have to stand on too vote a law be in effect that make it easier. The one about gays being treated equal supporting them treating like humans beings. Another one was the issue of mothers and daughters being given the fair wages they deserve the glass ceiling. last but not least the journey not being completed until we find a better way to welcome striving people.
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