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Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper

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Mr. Stewart Edinger

Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper

About 20 years ago, after divorcing my high school sweetheart, I became a single parent who began searching for a church home to help find some direction in my new found position as a “mommy.” After joining a Baptist church in the Atlanta area, a denomination I was very familiar with. I quickly became active in various organizations within the ministry. I was drawn to this ministry primarily because of the interaction that was displayed by their members, while visiting. The church’s organizational behavior and there cultural values and beliefs was very appealing to me. Many years after serving faithfully at the Baptist Church, I was lead to join another church which was of a different denomination. A church whose cultural beliefs were very different from what I believed. I could not understand why I was so intrigued with this church style, after all I was perfectly happy with my former church. In this paper, I would like to share my personal experience from changing church cultural environments from Baptist religion to the Church of God in Christ (GOGIC) holiness belief. Organizational Culture and Behavior of the Organization

Big Baptist Church (BBC) was the name of the first church that I joined and The Community Church (TCC) is my current church home. BBC’s organizational cultural and behavior was very structured. This was a church that had been around for 90 years. Four or five generations of families had passed through this church. In joining an auxiliary board as a youth, members will graduate to age appropriate auxiliaries. This is a church where, the seniors of the church would take young lady’s under there wings and teach them how to be women. Certain boards or auxiliaries would serve on particular Sunday’s, such as: First Sunday the Senior Choir would...
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