Nylon Shell

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Chapter I

Marine life is a vast resource, providing food, medicine, and raw materials, in addition to helping to support recreation and tourism all over the world. At a fundamental level, marine life helps determine the very nature of our planet. Marine organisms contribute significantly to the oxygen cycle, and are involved in the regulation of the Earth's climate. Shorelines are in part shaped and protected by marine life, and some marine organisms even help create new land. Many species are economically important to humans, including Nylon Shells (Phapia undulata). It is also becoming understood that the well-being of marine organisms and other organisms are linked in very fundamental ways. The human body of knowledge regarding the relationship between life in the sea and important cycles is rapidly growing, with new discoveries being made nearly every day. Bivalves have a shell consisting of two asymmetrically rounded halves called valves that are mirror images of each other, joined at one edge by a flexible ligament called the hinge. The shell is typically bilaterally symmetrical, with the hinge lying in the sagittal plane. Bivalve species are suspension feeders and are largely influenced by tidal amplitude, waste from rivers, rainfall, change in salinity or pH, and intolerable blooms of phytoplankton. Bivalve is the class where the Nylon Shell (Phapia undulata) belongs.

This study is aimed to determine the comparative morphological structure of Nylon Shell (Phapia undulata) in Tigbauan and Guimbal. Specifically, the study sought to answer the following questions: 1. Where is the best location to gather Nylon Shell (Phapia undulata) in terms of: a. size

b. weight
2. Does the salinity, ph level and oxygen dissolved in the water affect the morphological structure of Nylon Shells (Phapia undulata). 3. Is there any significant difference in the size and weight of the Nylon Shell (Phapia undulata) in the two different localities: Guimbal and Tigbauan.

1. There is no significant difference in the size and weight of Nylon Shells(Phapia undulata) in the two different localities: Guimbal and Tigbauan 2. The salinity, ph level and oxygen dissolved in the water does not affect the morphological structure of Nylon Shells (Phapia undulata).

The results of this study can be very beneficial to fishermen who make their living gathering and selling Nylon Shells (Phapia undulata). Since Nylon Shells (Phapia undulata) are only seasonal and can only be found in abundance in a specific time of the year, it is imperative to know the best locality to gather it, in this case Guimbal and Tigbauan. Nylon Shells (Phapia undulata) are valued as food sources, and their shells have been used for many purposes. Most buttons were made from shells before the advent of plastic. In addition, shell fragments have been used for everything from roads to fertilizer.

Scope and Delimitation
The study will only scope the Nylon Shells (Phapia undulata) and water sample present in Guimbal and Tibauan. The study will be conducted in the West Visayas State University from February to March 2011.

Independent VariableDependent Variable

Fig 1.1 The difference in size and weight of Nylon Shells in Guimbal and Tigbauan.

The paradigm shows the flow of relationship between the variables of the study. The independent variable in this study is the Nylon Shell (Phapia undulata) found in Guimbal and Tigbauan while the dependent variable is the disparity of the shell samples in terms of their size and weight. DEFINITION OF TERMS

The following terms used in the study are defined conceptually and operationally as follows:
Nylon Shells (Phapia undulata) - small sea shells found in the shores of the Philippines. Its shell looks like a strings of...
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