Nvq Level 5

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Learning outcomes and assessment criteria: Unit 1
1= Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role 1.1
In my job role I have to communicate with several groups of people, for example clients, family, internal staff, administration, social services, GPs and medical staff and commissioners. 1.2
In my own job role effective communication can be supported in a number of ways like maintaining confidentially, providing care, protecting staff and clients rights to communicate outside agency, for example safe guarding. This can either be verbal or non-verbal, written or electronic. 1.3 and 1.4

There are many communication barriers in my job role that I have to overcome like clients not being able to speak English. To overcome this I could use pictorial language for example at meal times I would show them different pictures of different foods and they would select the picture thus telling me what food they would like to eat. www.cy.wikipedia.org

Furthermore some clients might be verbally impaired so in order to facilitate these clients I would provide them with pen and pencil and paper to communicate their needs. Also for clients that are visual impaired I would buy braille paper and print the menu in it so the client communicate what they want to eat. www.braillepaper.com

2= be able to improve communication systems and practices that support positive outcomes for individuals 2.1
There are many communication systems put in place in my job role that have to be there to comply with legal requirements of health care bodies such as CQC. These include internal systems such as records, handovers and client files. These are very effective because they are written down because it provides evidence that things have been done and in the health care profession a phrase is consistently used ‘Not written, it didn’t happen’. There are also external systems that are used such as emailing, fax and face to face meetings. These are effective because...
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