Nursing Rounds

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Nursing rounds are given separate names according to thepurpose they serve .a)Information giving rounds :It is used to acquaint the staff with all patients on the wardor division .b)Instructional rounds :Here the nurse is expected to read the charts and come torounds with basic information in mind .c)Problem solving rounds: This is to help the nursing staff learn to conduct initialinterviews make assessment of patient’s needs and identifynursing care problems .Purposes of nursing rounds :1.To demonstrate symptoms important in nursing care .2.Clarify terminology studied .3.To compare patient’s reaction to disease and study thedisease conditions.4.To demonstrate effects of drugs i.e. indication ,actions andreactions of drugs .5.To illustrate skillful nursing care .6.To compare method of meeting nursing needs and to havebetter understanding and to give more purposeful care topatients.7.To illustrate successful improvisation and to give opportunityfor the use of different applications .Factors to be kept in mind when planning nursing rounds :

1.To consult student’s previous clinical experience to avoidrepetition and to add to earlier experience .2.Keep in mind the probable value and availability of clinicalmaterial .3.If some demonstration is done ,it should not have adeleterious effect on the patient .4.Explain the plan to the patient .5.Introduce the patient to the group .6.Make the patient feel important .7.Have post conference for summary and further explanation .8.Record the nursing rounds in the ward teaching records witha summary of nursing points stressed .Advantages of nursing rounds :1.Demonstration of symptoms2.To clarify terminology •

Herpes simplex

Anemic pallor3.Effects of drugs

Allergic reactions

Side effect4.Skillful nursing care

Progressing improvement of bedsore

Maintenance of adequate fluid intake (oral)5.Successful improvisation

Use of a chair as backrest

Device for support of ice bag6.Posture and position as indicated for individual patients •
Neutral position

Position for surgical soak

Fowlers position

Position for CCF.In nursing rounds ,a small group of staff or students preferablynot more than 4 or 5 and a leader or a teacher visit the bedside of patient.Preparation by the head nurse: The head nurse selects the patients before hand accordingto the time available .Rounds not lost longer than an hour .Thehead nurse needs to read the patient’s histories ,know the planfor their treatment and its results the patient’s progress andprognosis ,their nursing care and its effectiveness .She shouldpost the time for rounds at least a week in advance and indicatethe type of preparation the nurse is to make ,that in whether sheis to know thoroughly the history care and progress of her ownpatients or briefly that of all patients in the ward . The central figure in nursing round is the patient .If thepurpose of the sound is instructional or problem solving thepatient will be included in the discussion.Method of Conducting Nursing Rounds:A brief conference at the side of the patient’s room/word has to

beheld. Necessary data are given. The purpose of the visit to thepatient is by the head nurse, special observation to be madeor pointed out at this time. 4 to 5 patients are selected forinstruction. 4-5 minutes are apent. The head nurse herself maypresent the uses or she may ask the students who are assigned tothese patients to answer the questions of the group or herquestions.The students are asked to present the cases regarding otherparticulars. The participants may also be involved such ascounting pulse, respiration, examining the conjunctive, pitting,edema etc. The patient’s case sheet can also be utilized withpresentation. Thank the patient before leaving and tidy up thebed.Post Conference:The presentation is summarized and further explanation if any, may be given, questions are invited from the students.5.NURSING ASSIGNMENT:Assignment in the clinical field is the...
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