Nursing Process

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For this assignment I have been asked to ‘Describe how the principles of each element of The Nursing process help the nurse to achieve holistic patient care’. The nursing process is used by nurses every day to help patients improve their health and assist doctors in treating patients. Nursing requires the use of this process day in and day out. It is a form of problem solving. The nursing process is made up of a series of stages that are used to achieve the objective - the health improvement of the patient. The nursing process can stop at any stage as deemed necessary or can repeat as needed. This process is inclusive of physical health as well as the emotional aspects of patient health. Nursing knowledge is used throughout the process to formulate changes in approach to the patient's changing condition. During the process, nurses use this knowledge to identify problems and changes that are occurring to the patient. Caring for a patient requires the nurse to communicate with the patient to determine how they are feeling and gain the results of implemented care from the patient. It is often supported by nursing models such as Roper, Logan and Tierney model for nursing, based on activities of living and Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs etc. It consists of five sequential and interrelated steps. Phases of the nursing process include:

Assessment of the patient's needs
Diagnosis of human response needs that nurses can deal with •Planning of patient's care
Implementation of care
Evaluation of the success of the implemented care
(The Nursing Process, 2008)
The holistic nurse caring process suggests shifts in terminology and meaning for each of the five focal areas: from assess to access, nursing diagnosis to state of being, planning/goals to purpose, intervention to respond/influence, and evaluate to state of being. (Journal of Holistic Nursing, 1991) The nurse is an autonomous practitioner whose responsibilities are now governed by the...
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