Nursing Ethics

Topics: Blood, AIDS, Sexually transmitted disease Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: May 21, 2013
A sixteen year old girl is admitted to your ward for a termination of pregnancy. This is her second termination.

What ethical issues are involved? patient is admitted to your ward with a terminal illness. They have made a living will, saying they wish to die quickly and they ask for your help.

What ethical issues are involved?
A child of ten is admitted to your unit after suffering severe brain damage. He is being kept alive by artificial means and is being given antibiotics for a chest infection. The doctors wish to turn the machine off but the parents are refusing.

What ethical issues are involved?
A child of eight has been admitted to Accident and Emergency after having a road traffic accident. She is haemorrhaging (bleeding to death). The parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses and refuse to allow her to have a blood transfusion.

What ethical issues are involved?
The daughter of an elderly woman you have been caring for in a nursing home has asked you if you can try to get her mother moved to a better room. You have explained to her that such decisions are not within your remit and that she must speak to the manager. Two weeks later, at Christmas time, she presents you with some Boots vouchers to the value of £50 as a thank you for all the care you have given to her mother.

What ethical issues are involved?
You are a student nurse and are currently off-duty and browsing in a bookshop. A man, whom you recognise as the son of a patient you are currently looking after, approaches you and starts chatting. You are attracted to each other and he asks you out on a date.

What ethical issues are involved?
One of the patients you are caring for has a sexually transmitted disease. You get talking and soon realise that he is the new boyfriend of one of your best friends. He begs you not to say anything to her.

What ethical issues are involved?
You have been seconded to a different ward because of staff shortages. You have not had sufficient training or...
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