Nursing and Computers

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  • Published : May 5, 2010
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Use of Computers in the Nursing Profession

Nikkia Jones

CIT-100-Research Paper

Instructor- Dr. Nancy Grant


I. Introduction

II. Advantages of computer use

III. Disadvantages of computer use

IV. Conclusion

V. Works Cited

The medical field comprises a vast base of knowledge. Computer storage serves as the best way to house all this information. There are many types of computers that can help with diagnosing illnesses, doing procedures to treat illnesses, and even helping to reduce the degree of invasive procedures during testing. Many facilities are also switching from handwriting patient information logs to computerized patient logs. Including computers in each patient’s room to have their entire file readily available and easily accessible to retrieve and record new patient information. There are more computers than I can name that are used for medical purposes. With many of these we are able to provide many types of tests that can save lives and help in early detection of illnesses. Some include: Ultrasound, MRI and CT, Mammograms, and EKG.

Computers in the medical field have made such advancement, particularly in nursing. With such a shortage of nurses, hospitals are trying to find a way to improve the efficiency of their nurses. More and more hospitals across the country are now using mobile computers. These mobile computers are also know as COWS (computers on wheels). Hospitals are using these mobile computers as the nurses station. By using the computers, nurses have access to all their patients information, medical records, diagnostic equipment, barcode scanners, etc. This cuts down on time they would otherwise use to run around gathering this information.

Nurses have begun using computers to assess patients on point of admission in the privacy of the patients room. While the patients is being assessed, the nurse is able to see previous admissions, pertinent medical information, medication, and doctors’...
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