Nurse Role, Management of Obesity

Topics: Nursing, Obesity, Evidence-based medicine Pages: 6 (2307 words) Published: March 25, 2013
The role of nurses in the management of Obesity

The case study provided regarding diet and weight management has led me to explore the role of a nurse specifically during the management of obesity. The investigation aims to determine how a nurse can intervene and control obesity. The research generally looks at the role of the nurse in managing a patient that is clinically classed as obese. Obesity is calculated using BMI measurements (appendix 1). Limitations to this investigation from a personal perspective are that I haven’t yet practised as a nurse so I can’t use reflection on my own practise as a learning tool. Taking this into consideration I have sourced my information with the use of secondary research methods, thus meaning the summary and synthesis of existing research already available to me via published articles, books and other relevant resources. As you will see as you read on the value of knowledge and evidence to professional practise is critical. The main reason why you need to base your professional practice on the best available evidence is explained by Aveyard and Sharp (2009, p6), “ enables us to deliver the best possible patient/client care rather than out of date practice’’. Aveyard and Sharp (2009, p7) goes on to say that “evidence based practice is practice that is supported by clear reasoning, taking into account the patient or clients preferences using your own judgement”. This description is backed up by Sackett et al (1996, p71-72) who described EBP as, “the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patient/clients”. Gray (1997,p9) emphasized a focus on patient values describing EBP as , “an approach to decision making in which the clinician uses the best evidence available in consultation with the patient, to decide upon the option which suits the patient best. The NMC code of Conduct (2008) foregrounds the importance of evidence based practice in professional development and requires that all nurses should be accomplished in practicing evidence based care. After reading various journal articles and books on EBP I have discovered that it is about integrating individual clinical expertise, for example your own proficiency and expertise, along with the best external evidence and also taking in mind the best interests for the patient. It is of high importance to use current best evidence, according to Greenhalgh and Donald (2000) without current best evidence, “practise risks becoming rapidly out of date, to the detriment of the patients”. Ultimately EBP is the formalization of the care process that the best clinicians have practiced for generations. The contribution of EBP to clinical practice is the delivery of high quality, cost effective and quality care (Aveyard and Sharp, 2009). Challenges surrounding EBP are a nurses experience, for example new nurses may be a little anxious of their new surroundings and unable to utilize all their newly learnt skills. According to Ferguson and Day (2007), “access to evidence in nursing practice is often challenging due to time constraints, difficulties in interpreting the disparate research reports on particular issues, or lack of up-to-date print-based resources or Internet connections on nursing units”. The main tool applied during my research process was Library Gateway which can be accessed via Shu space. Library Gateway enables you to access a large number of information resources and search tools. The main resource I used is Library Search, which can find results from books, full text journals and many other sources, and return them in one integrated list. The other Gateway tools include Subject Guides, help pages for referencing, the Video, Images and Audio guide and a list of subject databases. Textbooks provide good background information and offer an excellent starting point for more in-depth research, the information provided is not normally rapidly...
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