Nurse Rached

Topics: Disability, Mental disorder, Psychology Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: March 12, 2013
In my opinion Nurse Ratched, your way of treating the patients in the mental disability home is unjustified and cruel. Treating them like their not human beings just because you have total control over them is not right. Just because they have something mentally wrong with them doesn't mean you should take advantage of them or have other people do your dirty work. Some people that you think can be "fixed" are better off being how they were then make them worse like you do. Shock therapy is not the right way to "fix" people it just makes them worse or even forget about everything that happened in their life if taken to that extent In the treatment you use.The other treatment that you use that i think is cruel and unjustified is taking the front part of their brain out. If you do it right it works but it is proven that the patients that you have used this procedures on have became incapable to speak or move.You turned them into "vegetables" and their is no punishment for you, You just manipulate people to the point where they don't have the courage or power to stand up to you and if they do stand against you, You send them to one of your cruel treatments. If people outside the institution knew what you were doing to these people you would be arrested and charged with many crimes. What you do to these people with mental illnesses is inhumane. You should treat your patients like human beings and not lab rats, You have control and find people to help you with your sick treatments that also manipulate the patients. When a patient walks in yoursupposed to make them feel comfortable and not have huge african american human beings that are filled with hate sexually assault them. One day the society are going to find out when the patients have the courage to stand up to you and actually go through with it.
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