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Master's-Prepared Nurse Interview
Grand Canyon University
Theoretical Foundation for Nursing Roles and Practice
May 23, 2012

Master's-Prepared Nurse Interview
With the rapid growth in the implementation and use of electronic medical records, there is an increase in how we define the role of nurses and other team member’s (Deese & Stien, 2004). Along with providing optimal care, nurses are also responsible for interpreting and accurately documenting large amounts of information. According to, (Ericksen, 2009) nursing informatics is defined as the integration of nursing, its information, and information management with information processing and communication technology to support the health of people worldwide. In this paper I will interview a Master’s prepared nurse in the Informatics role. Time restraints on this paper did not afford me the opportunity to conduct a face-to-face interview with a local professional. However, I was able to locate a very in-depth article provided by Active Duty Nurse serving in the area of informatics. Overview of Career

In 1982, after receiving her Bachelors of Art in Nursing she joined the U.S. Air Force. Her first assignment was working on a Labor and Delivery ward, working with expectant mothers. Because military nursing affords you the opportunity to work in positions of leadership, she quickly advanced and moved into the role of assistant nurse manger. Following her transfer to a different assignment, she was fortunate enough to work as the head nurse on an obstetrics unit. Graduate Education

It was during this assignment that she was able to obtain her Master of Science in nursing degree, from the University of Arizona; where her courses included a focus in systems and data management("Nursing Informatics as a Career," 2011). She definitely believes that her graduate work prepared her for the advance nursing role. In 1996, the Air Force started a network of HMO’s operating under the umbrella of the...
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