Nundies Case

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Department store Pages: 3 (795 words) Published: July 19, 2012
Nundies or no undies are a thin liner that women can use instead of wearing under wear. In 2007 Nundies was available in 242 women’s specialty shops. In 2007 10,206 units of Nundies was ordered. The second quarter (April, May and June) had the highest amount of Nundies ordered with 4,506 units. The third quarter (July, August, September) had the second highest amount of orders with 3,552 units. This was probably because the weather is generally warmer and more women begin wearing shorts, skirts and dresses. After the summer season was over the amount of Nundies ordered drastically dropped to 1,656 units. The poor amount of sales raises the following questions; Are Nundies being sold in the correct marketing channel and what type of advertising should Nundies do when they have a marketing budget of $300,000? Currently Nundies are being sold in specialty stores like Neiman Marcus. It costs $.60 to produce a single liner. The packaging costs $.45 per unit to produce. Nundies are giving away their products at events like the Grammys and the Academy Awards. It is costing Nundies around $14,400 to attend these events. Nundies are being sold in a pack of five and selling for $15 a pack. They also come in various color packages. Nundies are a one- time use product. SWOT

Survey showed 84% of people would be interested in product. •Survey also showed that people would use this product 1-2 times a week. •Easy to use.
One time use which is good for personal hygiene.
Good first launch.
Price of the product.
One time use which could be a benefit but also a weakness. •Availability
When survey was done a lot of people said they would not look for the product. •Being sold mostly in upper class stores.
They can branch out and sell the product in stores that are more price friendly. •They can lower the price of the product.
Offer more in a pack.
Marketing Campaign....
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