Ntpc Safety Rules

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NTPC Safety Rules




Contents General Definitions Responsibilities of the contractor Construction Cess Safety Organization Safety Training Reporting of accidents Emergency Action Plan Safety in the workplace Safety in material handling Safety in welding and gas cutting Safety in the use of electricity Safety in the use of hand tools and power operated tools Safety in the use of ladders and stairs Safety in the use of lifting appliances Safety in the use of transport, earthmoving equipment etc Safety in the use of runways and ramps Safety in storage, handling and use of explosives Safety in excavation and tunneling work Safety in piling work

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Safety in erection, use and dismantling of scaffolds Safety in the construction of structural frame and formwork Safety in concreting work Safety in construction of catch platforms, hoardings Safety in the use of chutes Safety in the work on or adjacent to water Safety in cofferdams & caissons Safety in demolition work Fire safety provisions Appendix Schedules:

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1. There are mainly two following Acts and Rules (hereinafter referred to as Rules) that specifically provide for Safety, Health and Welfare Measures, which are specifically applicable for the building and construction workers, namely: 1.1 Building and other construction workers (regulation of employment and conditions of service) Act, 1996 (briefly referred to as Building & Construction Act), 1.2 Building and other construction workers (regulation of employment and conditions of service) Central Rules, 1998 (briefly referred to as Building & Construction Rules) as adopted by the various State Governments, 1.3 Factories Act, 1948, and 1.4 State Factories Rules, (briefly referred to as Factories Rules) as adopted by the various State Governments. 2. While these legislations set out the minimum standards of compliance, the Management of the NTPC Ltd. had formulated additional and more stringent norms for the contractors to be referred as NTPC Safety Rules (Also mentioned as Safety Rules for Construction and Erection), wherever felt necessary, for compliance by the Contractors, to whom it shall award contracts for building construction and/ or erection work within their existing Plants or at sites in a green field, or wherever it has control and where new construction and building activities are to be undertaken. 3. Wherever there are contradictions in Statutory Provisions, Technical Specifications or NTPC Safety Rules, the provisions- which are more stringent shall be applicable for compliance by the Contractor. 4. Any expansion, modification, alteration and, or construction activity within an existing Plant operating as per approved site plan under the Factories Act, shall attract the provisions of this Act/ Rules also, and the Contractor shall implement all required provisions thereof. For any construction within the premises of NTPC premises covered under the Factories Act, the norms of Building and other construction workers (regulation of employment and conditions of service) Central Act/ Rules, or Factories At/ Rules- which ever are stringent shall be complied by the Contractor. 5. The NTPC Rules primarily highlights a set of safety requirements derived from both the Building & Construction Act/ Rules and Factories Act/ Rules, Indian Standards- as applicable, and other NTPC requirements. These norms shall be deemed to be the NTPC Safety Rules for Construction and Erection, as mentioned in general conditions of contract. The Contractor shall also implement Permit systems for various activities of Construction and Erection as framed for implementation at local level.


6. The Contractor shall indemnify NTPC from all the liabilities that may arise out of any failure to comply with the above mentioned Acts/Rules or any...
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