Nowadays, Accounting Scandal

Topics: Enron, Present, Arthur Andersen Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Nowadays, accounting scandal or financial statement fraud has increasingly become a serious issue and it threatens to undermine the profession of accountants and auditing companies. Therefore, I think that this has affected the way future accountants view the importance of accounting principles, future accountants will tend to neglect and disregard accounting principles even more regarding the present accounting scandals. I plan to start my introduction by explaining briefly what accounting is and what accountants or auditors do. My main points in this research paper are accounting scandals, the story of one of the biggest accounting scandals which is the collapse of Enron, and how future accountants view the profession of accounting. So, I will start by explaining what accounting scandal really is and how it works. Then I will use Enron scandal as an example of accounting scandal. After that, I will take the stance that future accountants will neglect and ignore the accounting principles even more due to the present accounting scandals that have happened or even happening. I will provide arguments from sources and also a survey to support my thesis. I’ve researched about accounting, auditors, accounting scandals, and Enron scandal. I’ve also tried to search about comments or testimonies from future accountants or accounting major students regarding accounting scandals. However, I still haven’t done my survey and I don’t think my sources are enough to support my thesis. Therefore, I still need to do more research regarding future accountants that are more likely to neglect accounting principles. Lastly, I will conclude my findings and hopefully prove my thesis.
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