Nothing to Lose

Topics: Anxiety, Scientific method, Psychology Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: December 5, 2012

This reflective case study will provide a written account of the care delivered to a client by myself. Its aim is to enhance the reader's knowledge of the importance of the nursing process and allow discussion to take place at each stage. It will firstly give a pen picture of the chosen client while offering a rationale for the choice. The care delivered will then be analysed using the elements of the nursing process as a structure while identifying any ethical considerations. The case study will make theoretical observations when required. It is hoped that the interrelation of each stage of the process will be identified and by undertaking this study that knowledge, skills and future practice can be improved.

Pen Picture

Carol is a 63-year-old lady known to the mental health services. She is retired and lives on her own in a one bed roomed flat, on the outskirts of a large city. She has a quiet disposition, and isolates herself socially. She has few friends and spends the majority of her time socializing with her daughter. Carol has suffered from mild depression since 1980 following the death of her mother. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer after admission for a hip replacement. In 1996 carols depression deepened, following her own admission for a hip replacement. At this time she had her first contact with the current mental health services. New symptoms such as a ringing in her head and anxiety and agitation were identified. She spent a four-month period on the acute ward, attempting suicide three times. Her reasons for this involved a primary goal of escaping the unbearable noises and voices in her head, which made her increasingly anxious and agitated. Treatments at this time included a course of ECT in combination with anti-depressants, with, Lorazepam 0.5mgs, qds available as PRN (as required) for agitation and anxiety. More recently she has had four separate admissions usually lasting about 3-4 months presenting each time with...
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