Nothing Can Happen More Beautiful Than Death

Topics: Life, Death, Universal quantification Pages: 3 (971 words) Published: January 26, 2013
“Nothing Can Happen More Beautiful Than Death”
In death, people will find that it is a ravishing, striking thing. “Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall” was written to show the beauty in death. People see how beautifully colored the leaves are, but they don’t seem to realize that the leaves are dying and that’s what makes them charming. The way that leaves change color is a process that most people usually won’t understand, but in order for them to turn colors, they have to die. Leaves are green in the spring and summer, and then for a period of time, the leaves turn a variety of colors; however, leaves are only those colors for a short amount of time. Leaves stay long enough for people to enjoy them, and then they dry up and fall off in the winter. Even though the leaves are dying in the fall, the leaves are magnificent. Most people having trouble seeing how death is beautiful. They can’t really get past the sadness that blinds them from seeing the beauty. An even harder concept is not seeing the beauty of death in leaves, but seeing the striking thing about death in other living things such as people. There is something lovely about death but people don’t seem to see it.

Most people are blinded by death. When people lose someone that is dear to them, they grieve over it. They don’t see the significance in the death. They don’t look deeper into it, they are stuck just dipping their feet in the water instead of actually taking a dive into the pool. The thought of death makes a lot of people melancholy, but really, death is bittersweet. This is because even though there are dismal people when it comes to losing someone, they can still rejoice about it too which is the problem that most people can’t understand, “How can someone be on cloud nine about losing someone?” It might not be a very joyous time for the person that is grieving, but it is for the one that took their last breath. Everyone has heard of the saying “They are in a much better...
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